Prohibition Pastries : a love story.

There have always been two things that I loved having as part of my life: baking delicious treats and drinking excellent beer, wine and spirits. And when you love two things the natural tendency is to want them to love each other as well.

I concocted this crazy idea that pastries could be created around the flavors of all the locally produced craft beverages made right here in Pennsylvania.  So I started making the rounds, learning from the producers themselves all about the processes and ingredients used to create the unique flavor profiles you find in these beverages.

Until one day, I decided I was finally ready to introduce my baking to Pennsylvania’s beverages. And as it happens sometimes, to lucky matchmakers the world over, the result was far better than I could have dreamed!  It was a match made in heaven resulting in a beautiful blend of flavors and spices, sugar and hop. True Love.

Now, I get to share that perfection with you through my sweet and savory pastry menus. I hope you find as much joy in them as I do – everyday!

wigle whiskey

Whiskey Meets Cupcake – Love at First Bite!

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