Savory Pies

Savory Pies

Rustic, comforting and hearty these savory pies are made with farm fresh meats and vegetables to back that feeling of wholesome homemade food to your tables without the effort of having to cook at home.

Pot Pies

Mushroom and Onion in Whiskey Cream Sauce

Broccoli and Beer Cheese

Ham and Broccoli and Beer Cheese

Chicken and Vegetable in White Wine Sauce

Steak in Stout Gravy

Cottage Pie

Steak and Mushroom in Red Wine Sauce

Vegetable in White wine sauce


Egg & Bacon in Beer Cheese

Egg in Beer Cheese

Egg an Veggie in Cheddar Ale Sauce

Egg and Ham in Beer Cheese

Mushroom and Onion in Whiskey Cream

Broccoli and Beer Cheese

Potato and Minted Pea in Whiskey Cream Sauce

Pizza In Red Wine Marinara

Pizza with Spicy Sopressata in Red Wine Marinara

Ham in Beer Cheese

Chicken and Vegetables in White Wine Sauce

Want to order a savory pie in Familysize send in your request here.  72 hours notice please!