In our little pastry shop we are especially proud of our cupcakes.  We start with a delicate cake, both in flavor and texture and combine that with our dedication to unique and delicious flavor combinations to create a final product that is guaranteed to please all your senses.

Try all our flavors and tell us which one is your favorite!

Our Staple Flavors

Bottom’s Up!: A malty chocolate chip cookie topped with a divinely rich chocolate stout cake.  You can find this topped with Chocolate or Vanilla frosting!

Irish Breakfast: A sweet and cinnamon whiskey & oatmeal cookie is the base for this delightfully light yellow cake topped with brown sugar frosting and a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

Vanilla: Sometimes you just want that delicious and calming bite of sweet vanilla.  You can find this cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting.

Burnt Sugar: Caramel infused cake with a browned butter frosting.

Blackstrap’s Booty: Chocolate Stout cake topped with a stout infused vanilla buttercream.

Whisper of Whiskey: The whiskey dulce de leche center of this cupcake wins every time.  Comes in both vanilla and chocolate cake options.  Topped with our rich chocolate frosting.


Check out our current Seasonal flavors here


Check out some pictures of our cupcakes in the gallery below!