Cookies are the perfect everyday treat.  Something you can grab for that little bit of sweetness in the middle of the day, after a meal, or just to add something nice to your day!

My Grandmother taught me to bake, and cookies were always one of her favorites to make.  she made sure the cookie jar was always full at her house, and I make sure ours are always full at the bakery for you!

Our Cookies

Orange Ginger: rich molasses and ginger cookie base, rolled in an orange infused sugar and sandwiched with an orange cream.

Whiskey Kisses: A soft sugar cookie sandwiched with a whiskey dulce de leche.

Chocolate drop: A rich, decadent double chocolate cookie.  

Chocolate chip: A malty, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie made with a nut brown ale. Also found sandwiched with a rich chocolate cream.

Oatmeal sandwiches: Oatmeal cookies sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  Sandwiched with a vanilla cream.

Dulce sandwiches: A malty brown sugar cookie base sandwiched with a dulce de leche and drizzled with chocolate.



We will have Holiday flavors, check here for updates!