Cakes bring with them the feeling of celebration, joy and happy memories.  In our bakery we want your occasion – be it birthday, holiday or “just because” – to shine!

We can help you do that with our spectacular cakes.  From flavor to design, our cakes will not let you down.

Our Staple Cake Flavors

Cherry Shandy: Lemon and hefeweizen infused vanilla cake with a cherry wine filling and cream cheese frosting.

Whisper of Whiskey: Chocolate cake with a rich whiskey dulce de leche filling and dark chocolate frosting.

Lime Coconut: Lime and rum infused vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting.  100% covered in raw cuts of coconut.

Boston Tea Party: Earl grey tea infused vanilla cake with a vanilla custard filling and frosted with a rich chocolate ganache.


Looking for another cake flavor?  Ask about our Custom cake options!